Ultimate Marvel: United We Stand is a 2014 video game which will be launched on Wii U only. The game will introduce the players to the Ultimate universe (earth-1610) and is supposedly about the Ultimates, X-men and Spider-man (Miles Morales). It will be released in May 2014.


All we know about the story is that is based on the United We Stand and Divided We Fall arcs with other earth-1610 elements (including the Death of Spider-man as a recap to Miles Morales and maybe even the coming Gah Lak Tus arc?). The confirmed villains are Hydra, Mr Morez, Sentinels, William Stryker Jr and "many others", as Marvel said.

Gameplay and charactersEdit

The gameplay is different too other games. It was a gameplay similar to Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions but the Wii U Gamepad makes it a little different. A card slot base attaches to the Gamepad and you can insert character cards into the card slots to help or destroy the players. Hero cards put a Gamepad-controlled hero into the game, where your hero is the one that is on your game card eg. Captain America card puts in a Gamepad-controlled Captain America into the game etc. The Gamepad player can also insert villain cards which create a enemy right in front of the other players, stopping them unless they can defeat it. (This was all seen at the 2013 Comic-Con)

The confirmed card characters are: Captain America, Spider-man (Miles Morales), Iron Man, Thor, Spider-woman, Hawkeye Kitty Pride, Iceman, Rouge, Hydra Guards, Gah Lak Tus Drones

More will be announced on Boxing Day, 2013 and games cards will be out before the game in January, 2014.